UAPB at Arkansas DH game 1

As soon as I tweeted that UAPB had not posted a lineup, there it was.

UAPB is my home town team. They have a nice baseball facility now that was primarily financed by Tori Hunter. My nephew and brother coached Tori when he was a teenager. He’s a good guy.

But nevertheless Go Hogs Go!


Big 2 run boomer for Slavens!! Good to see him heating up.


Told Suzi that Brady is due a HR. Didn’t expect it to be dead center. Love that DVH has him on 1st. Good strategy IMO.


Awesome job by Ramage,Great to see Slavens stroke that one out.

Yeah, I think DVH knows a thing or two about baseball. He’ll continue to tweak until he is satisfied with the results.

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Slavens went gorilla on that ball!


Battles has really turned into a good hitter, uses the whole field stays on the ball as good as anybody we have.

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Yeah, that was an impressive hit deep to oppo field for Battles!

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Really proud of Ramage. He pitched well today & did so in his appearance at Fla. Glad to see it. Maybe he’s becoming very dependable. He’s always had some ability. (I suspect he’s probably only gonna be good for about 3 innings, though.)

Moore just isn’t hitting well right now. Maybe he is pressing and just not making his normally good contact. Has two shallow pop ups. And he’s in the 4 spot today.

I’ve looked at stats fr the team and can’t find how many times we left the bases loaded. Seems like we’ve done that a lot so far.

Man, Leach is in a zone!! Hitting the ball really well!
Good to see!

yeah he’s swinging at a lot of Pitches too high for him to level off on.

Hard to learn much from a game like this. There’s just such a big discrepancy in the talent level at every position. Of course, you can still tell if a pitcher is throwing strikes.

Wallace and Slavens show you how to step in ready to hit that 1st pitch!!

And there goes Slavens! Another big boom!
I think maybe he’s found his stroke!


Bad break for Moore. Had good contact that time. Just to the wrong spot. He’s just not dialed in yet.

What’s the weather looking like for the second game? I’d like this game to end quickly now so we can get that one in. At least get 5 innings in. I think that would make it an official game.