UALR only lost to Memphis by 10

Tiger High still without James Wiseman, who has to sit 11 more games and repay $11K+ which I guess is what Penny paid to move his family. (Now where’s he going to get $11K? The FedEx summer job/athlete payoff system gets a workout).

Wondered the same thing

Chump change for the Memphis bag men…

Question for you Swine, I thought it was reported earlier that the Wiseman’s already repaid the money. Is that not correct?

If that is the case then wouldn’t the NCAA be “double dipping” by making the family pay $23k?

Penny will get out the checkbook again.

I have not followed the story that closely so I couldn’t tell you

He has repaid the money.

Memphis led only 55-53 before they pulled away. Darrell is building a good team at UALR. The transfer from UNLV, Ben Cupet has game. Trojans have significant size and will be even bigger when they get their big man back. Like what our man Darrell is doing there.

Interesting that two of the four D-I schools in the state have ex-NBA head coaches (two teams each) running their program. Hadn’t really thought of that,

I don’t know where Muss stands on this, but Darrell definitely wishes he was still a NBA head coach.

I figure Darrell will get another chance don’t you PJ? Great guy!

I agree. Let’s hope Muss will fight off any NBA calls.