UALR-LR Cradle of Coaches

I guess they’re now the Miami of Ohio of basketball. I said son if you wanna be a Final Four coach, cut your teeth behind the pines on University Avenue and play in front of 500 people.

didn’t work out too good for wes flanigan…

Wes is still a young man. Remember, Moser got fired by Illinois State. Wes is going to have to work his way back up. Don’t count him out yet!

UALR is two for four. Beard was really, really good, and Moser was good. Steve Shields was mediocre and Flannigan was awful.

If Chris Mack takes the Louisville job I wonder if Cincy will come after Porter Moser.

Response: there are a lot of dimensions to coaching and deemed successful, the biggest or most significant is recruiting. I imagine young Flannigan lost one too many recruiting battles to the hill, regarding division-1 in-state talent. For me personally I find your comments insensitive and uncalled for, I’ve seen your rantings before you would think at some point you would learn better