UALR loses opener to Ouachita 81-79

Yes, a D-II team. At home. OBU hit 14 out of 28 from outside the arc, led at halftime and never trailed in the second half.

There are probably a good 5 or 6 Trojan fans screaming for Wes’s head on a platter.

UALR didn’t bother to put attendance on the box score. Might have only had 4 there.

As an OBU grad, I do not consider it an upset.

I saw a note on the UALR website that OBU has a huge series lead. However, they hadn’t played in like 50 years until yesterday. I remember when UALR was an NAIA independent, not even good enough for the AIC. They made the old NAIA District 17 tournament once and got drilled. If you don’t recall or aren’t old enough, District 17 was Arkansas, AIC plus independents. Winner of District 17 went to national tournament in Kansas City. No Arkansas team ever won the NAIA title but Henderson made the championship game in 1976, losing to Coppin State, which is also D-1 now. Coppin beat South Carolina in the 1997 NCAAT as a 15 seed.

UALR gave Wes Flanagan the job thinking that he could help bring in the central Arkansas talent. I don’t believe Wes had been a head coach previously. They were not very good last year. OBU did shoot the ball like the aliens from Space Jam, but you have to kind of wonder if UALR is headed for a really long year.

They do have a nice little gym to play in, and they’ve done well in the recent past there, but things are not looking good now.

I wonder if UALR will consider Darrell Walker next time there is an opening. Darrell now has head coaching experience.

Didn’t the Reddies also battle Jack Sikma and Illinois Wesleyan deep in the NAIA tourney sometime in the mid 70’s. I don’t remember who whon.

Yep. Same year. Beat Illinois Wesleyan by 2 in the second round, which was the round of 16 (32 team tournament). HSU was the 6 seed, IWU was the 11 seed. Coppin was the 9 seed, and won the title game by 5.

but…they’re Little Rock and the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette-Little Rock’s team!! :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: