UALR (Little Rock) to conduct feasibility study starting football

Another great idea to waste tax dollars since that would be the only way they could run it.

It’s not feasible. Of course an FBS level program isn’t feasible at Jonesboro Tech but they have one anyway. Somebody would have to basically endow the program to get it off the ground unless they just clobber the students with fees and dip into the general fund even more.

Talk about playing in WMS. Quigley Stadium would be too big for the UALR program.

I was thinking that Scott Field would make a nice home for UALR-Little Rock. Is Jimmy Karam still alive? Maybe he could lead them to another Little Rose Bowl appearance.

As a UALR grad I can confidently say it 's a really bad idea. They can’t fill Jack Stephens arena, a really nice little place to play basketball. UALR students in general are a lot more worried about getting ahead in life than attending UALR games. Little Rock is a Razorback town, period.