UALR is now in the RPI top 100

So Hogs have zero losses to teams outside the top 100. Since March 26, which was before they thrashed us at BWS, the Trojans are 12-2. Still sub-.500 for the year at 19-20, but 11-6 in the Sun Belt. Like the SEC, the Sun Belt West is much tougher than the East. UALR’s 11-6 would lead the East; it’s third in the West. ASWho is fourth in the West but is going in the wrong direction (2-8 in last 10).

Also, UCA just swept the Southland conference leaders, Sam Houston, and is only 1.5 games out with 12 games to go.

Three Arkansas teams in the NCAAT? Could happen.

If either UCA or UALR made it to the NCAA, it’s almost certain they’d be in the Fayetteville regional. Of course, that assumes a lot, including that there’ll be a Fayetteville regional. However, I think that part is a pretty good bet right now. If either did make it to Fayetteville for a regional, they’d most likely be the 4th seed meaning we’d face them in the first game. If we were to face UALR, it’s not likely we’d take them for granted this time around.

Hogs will not throw the kiddie corps against anyone in first round of NCAA.

Yeah if we got either one in the first game they’d get a good dose of Campbell.

I always wonder if it’s the best strategy for a #1 seed is to use their ace against a #4 seed, especially if it’s a really weak #4 seed. The 2 seed can’t usually afford that luxury against a 3. It might be best in a double elimination format to reverse them under the right circumstances. Probably a lot goes into the decision. Fortunately, all 3 of our weekend starters should be able to handle a #4 seed. Still, I understand the conventional wisdom that you want to be sure to win the first one. If Noland pitches like he did last week, I have no worries about him facing any #2 or 3 we’d face in a regional.