UALR in the women's Dance

Trojans held on for a 1-point win over South Alabama in the Sun Belt women’s final in New Orleans. Trojans making their second straight appearance in the NCAAT. Charlie Creme has them as a 14 seed in his bracketology.

Joe Foley is a good coach but I don’t think anyone will be suggesting we fire Mike Neighbors and hire him. Congrats to the Trojans though, for the regular season-conference tournament double.

swine…someone would probably suggest firing Anderson and replacing him with Foley just to get a reaction…me?what the powers will be decide is what i will live with…and you’re right…we have a coach in Neighbors whom i think will take the women’s hoops to new heights and long term success

This Trojan team is not as good as some of the previous ones. Actually Sun Belt is very weak this year. It was very painful to watch them against Mississippi State and the Aggies this year. I don’t see them making any impact in NCAAT.

That’s already been suggested in other places.

They have also suggested moving Mike Neighbors over the men’s program.