UALR has to be licking their chops

They see a team that is down after losing their 1st home series in forever and they catch us on a Tues where we can’t throw any regular Pitchers since we play on the road thurs…they will never have a better shot at us than this…will be very interesting to see how come out against them…

I have a feeling DVH was pretty direct with the pitchers yesterday about the walks and not being able to command the strike zone!
Also not being able to put batters away with 2 stikes. I think he will make a few changes to the roster and start looking for a couple of replacements.
It’s just hard to watch that many walks and the number of 0-2 and 1-2 pitches that were smoked for hits. It’s time for the pitches to be called in the dugout! Ramage may be the best answer for the 3rd weekend stater but who could do the long relief?

They can’t use their aces either since they also have a conference weekend series upcoming…but, all they gotta do is “TAKE”…no brainer.

A 10-18 Sun Belt team is licking its chops coming in to play a top 15 team that is 6-1 in midweek games this year? Really?

Let’s not make too much of one bad game.

and the “ONE” was TX… good observation Matt!

You have to consider the source. OP always looks for the negative. It could be raining money outside and he’d complain that the bills were wet.

We can give ALL our regulars a day off and beat UALR.

Some funny posts…before Ole Miss, Hogs were invincible and returning to Omaha :sunglasses:

No swine I am always looking at reality. I post plenty of positives. It’s just you are always looking for negative one.I hope we do come out there and have some young pitchers throw the ball much better than a of shown so far and we get an easy win but I’m not going to be surprised at anything based on how we played this weekend…

my post was they are probably thinking if we ever had a chance to beat them now would be a good as time as any that’s all it was, you chose to make something out of it that wasnt supposed to be but that’s typical of you.

This weekend was awful, but I’d be shocked if UALR does anything against us. Now they might score some runs if we walk a lot of batters, but I doubt they have a pitcher as good as any we saw from OM. We’ll hit a lot.

like I tried to explain I have no doubt we will win the game I was just trying to put myself in their shoes and them seeing us lose at home and have a conference series starting Thursday means we probably can’t throw our regular pictchers.they are probably thinking now is as good a time as any we have a chance to beat them. Ole Miss only beat them 11 to 8 a few weeks ago so anything is possible. As we saw against Missouri State and they are better than Missouri State

Reality is that UALR is excited to be playing this game no matter if it was against the worst Arkansas team or the best. They want their shot and will be getting it for the first time ever. That is what this game is, not anything else that anyone is writing here.

It is a massive game for UALR. It is not for Arkansas.

But, there is meaning for Arkansas, it is a time to refocus on all areas: hitting, pitching and defense.

The reality is that Arkansas probably is going to work hard to bounce back. That’s a good part of losing a game (or a series) that it really heightens the pressure on doing things correctly from this Arkansas baseball coach.

Anyone believe that Dave Van Horn was angry at his players in the way they played against Ole Miss? There has never been a coach who hates losing as much as Van Horn. Never. I’d compare him to Wilson Matthews in that way, although Dave very rarely uses salty language. He can get his message to players with a firmness and tone that is never missed. His eyes burn. His words are sharp, biting. It is always the right message. Few have done it better in any sport at Arkansas, unless it was John McDonnell. He had the same way to deliver his message that players felt the fire, the tone and did not misjudge what their coach thought about the way they had performed or would perform.

The reality is that Arkansas played well for about 1.85 of the three games. I mean by that, they were in position to win the series and into the bullpen on Saturday. Did not get the ball to Matt Cronin at the end with a lead and that’s the recipe for the last two teams as far as critical SEC games.

The Hogs won a game in solid fashion Friday, although there wasn’t much offense in the late innings. They did enough to get the lead on Saturday, but didn’t pitch well enough in the middle innings or score runs late, just like Friday. There wasn’t much to like about Sunday’s performance.

But I suspect that’s a good Ole Miss team, although perhaps not great. I think you will see a lot of close series the rest of the way. That’s not all bad. It will prepare this team for the NCAA tournament and I believe this is a team that will keep getting better.

One thing to watch is how the pitching responds to Matt Hobbs as the pitching coach going forward. Wes Johnson was very tough on pitchers who didn’t throw strikes. He was able to make sure the staff did throw strikes. Hobbs will have to do it – in whatever way he chooses – with this staff, too. Throwing strikes – and avoiding walks – is the one thing that I can tell you that separates good from great in college baseball. It’s what Dave Van Horn’s good teams always have done, throw strikes.

when the shoe is on the other foot.

When we have a much higher-rated opponent coming up on our schedule, and they inexplicably lose their game immediately preceding our match up, we say things like:

  1. Welp, there goes any chance of the element of surprise.
  2. They won’t be overconfident now.
  3. They are really gonna bring it so they can get that bad taste out of their mouths.
  4. We are so screwed.