UALR Fires Basketball Coach

Wes Flanigan gone. … d-25-games

That was a precipitous drop in a short period of time. Poor Wes will probably never get another HC job. I’m wondering if this will affect his chances of succeeding his dad at Parkview? Where does UALR-Little Rock go from here? Is Derek Fisher a possibility? Darrell Walker maybe? How has Todd Day done across town at Philander Smith? Beard proved you can win there, but apparently he is an exceptional basketball coach.

They did so well with Chris Beard that it made it really hard to swallow when they were lousy last year and worse this year.

It would be hard for them not to do better no matter who they hire. There is no reason they can’t do well in the Sun Belt, but the new guy is going to have to bring in some talent and probably cut some dead weight. I would not be surprised if they bring in some one with good connections to junior colleges, rather than bringing in some one who had connections with central Arkansas hoops.

I wish Todd Day was on our staff replacing Melvin Watkins

Wrong Target as Melvin & Scottie are responsible for the majority of the 2018 class.

I know Wes well. Feel sad for him. You have to have players to be successful as a coach. Wes never could find those recruits. Beard had this Hagins kid that made some crazy shots to win some regular season games and that game against Purdue in NCAAT when UALR was totally out of the game.

Wes also had to dismiss his best player Andre Jones. They just didn’t have scorers after Andre.

I did not know about Andre Jones dismissal. When did that happen?