UALR at UA April 6-7

according to the schedule just released by UALR.

I was told this morning that we might get Arkansas’ full schedule by the end of the week.

Matt what weekend is the baseball schedule ordinarily begun?
Second or third Friday?

It’s not based on a particular weekend — sometimes it begins the second Friday in February and sometimes the third. I don’t think the season can begin before Feb. 13 in any year.

This year the season is scheduled to begin the weekend of Feb. 19-21.

Thanks, I looked at previous schedules but couldn’t tell if he it would be that late.

I was wondering about that college tournament in the new Arlington Ballpark a couple of weeks ago. Your article contains a brief reference to it. Still on as of now?

I went to the venue website, and they didn’t have any ticket information. Something you may be able to look into, Matt? As well as media (TV) rights?

I haven’t heard anything to suggest that event will not be played in Arlington, but I have heard there are some contingency plans for the Razorbacks that weekend in the event it isn’t played. Basketball teams have made neutral-site events work in recent weeks, so I think baseball teams will probably try to do the same in places like Arlington, Frisco, Round Rock and Houston.

I do not know about media rights in Arlington. Given the Rangers’ partnership with Fox Sports Southwest, I would think it might be televised on that channel or its digital platform, but that is just speculation on my part.

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