UALR at Arkansas game 2

I have a meeting tonight and I will not be able to tweet during the game.

Well let’s hope Wegner can play Friday. I hope Bybee has a good outing and also it would be nice to see Morris toe the rubber and be effective.

Well the 2 early home runs gave the hogs the lead! Borohen and Slavens hit no doubters.
Bybee has run into a little trouble here too 3.
2 runs on and 2 on base with 1 out.

3-3 after 5. I’m just now getting in from the gym but looks like we only have four hits all day… need to pick that up and get some runs put this thing away don’t let them get any confidence anymore than they do already have…

Ledbetter pitching now.

Getting behind early, then making him work, but nothing to show for.

Lead off walk that’s exactly what you don’t want to give them… and another base hit runners on first and second no out… and another line drive hit to the bottom of the order bases loaded 1 out…

Ground ball back to the mound should be double play 100% of the time but no!!! Piycher falls down and throws the freaking ball past the catcher for 2 runs and DVH immedialtely takes his butt out of the game…just unreal!!

We heard how deep our team was…well, it’s not too deep anymore.

Wow!! Ledbetter had a double play, instead 2 runs score!

just Pathetic…exactly how you get your butt beat especially the way we are hitting

At least get the out at first. The opponent was innings until our pitcher imploded.

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Got in a rush.

Slow roller gets an out but also gives them a run Christmas has came early for these boys this inning.

Game awareness.

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Routine ground ball to shortstop Coll thinks about tossing it to second but it’s too late then he throws to first and it’s too late luckily slavens threw the guy out at home plate… just a three-ring circus this inning

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Lucky there, thxs slavens on heads up! Don’t knw what 2nd base was thinking. Guess he thought ss was gonna take bag himself.

Ok. We’re down 3 runs in the sixth…only 4 hits…argh.

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Diggs BA dipping lately.

He had two hits yesterday

Yep, but everyone had a hit or walk yesterday.

Our hogs decided to give this one away today and they are getting it done.