UALR at Arkansas game 1

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Yet another new seat location:

Hoping we don’t give them 17 runs this time.

Ramage getting plenty of chances.

Wallace really seeing the ball well

Yeah, Kole isn’t pitching well, so far

Something wrong with ESPN app? Says contact provider which mine is Directv.

Love that approach by Battles

I’m getting it without a problem. I’m ATT U-verse.

I’ve got DTV and I’m fine with the ESPN app.

No problems for me, Comcast/infinity

Battles struggling in the field

Ok, well maybe I can figure this out, bring the w guys!

Just try going back to the schedule and start it over

Franklin looks good!

When I had problems getting the game to play, I had to go into the ESPN app and go to setting to manage my account. I had to reset my provider. (DTV)

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Softball hit six homers tonight??? That’s 69 for the season in 35 games. Burnside hit her 20th.

No they don’t lead the country in homers. Mobilehoma has hit 91 in 28 games (they’re 1st-3rd-4th in individual homers with Burnside in second).

Hogs baseball was tied for second in homers with 46. With Wallace going deep tonight that’s 47. Corndogs haven’t hit one tonight against McNeese so still at 46.

Ramage pitching much better the last 2 innings. He should have been out of that 3rd inning with a DP. Battles has had a bad couple of outings at SS lately.

Yes Ramage has done much better. Good to see