UA Women take down Mississippi State

Ladies almost gave it away in the second half, but a couple of key Moo U players fouled out and they hung on to win.

If we manage to play about 10-12 more games, which would be a fairly deep run in both the SECT and the NCAA, Dungee might get to 2,000 points in her UA career alone. She’s at 1,760 now.

Swine, I agree…
I watched the game and thought we were heading for a blow out until MSU starting making their 3 pointers.

I love the way they play, for the most part, but it seems that all too often defense is optional for CMN. Almost reminds me of the old Loyola Marymount teams that didn’t guard anyone and depended on making threes and wearing you out. Moo U’s guards got to the hole time after time after time and often weren’t challenged, and we gave them a ton of open looks from deep. Then again, if you don’t challenge them you don’t get into foul trouble.

They are an uncoventional team to say the least. The defensive intensity does not always burn brightly and then there’s the dribbling. When in doubt dribble, then dribble some more. Dribble till the Defense exhausts itself chasing you, or the shot clock is about to expire. But then there is the skill. Man are they skilled!. I see a little Globetrotters in them. Maybe MN should break out the broad striped shorts. Wish they had a few more Washington Generals on the schedule. All their games seem to stress my heart.

Is the score wrong in the story? I thought I saw 86-60. Bet it was 86-80? Too lazy to go look it up. :grinning::grinning:

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