UA women struggling at Florida Gulf Coast

Trail 67-60 after the third quarter. FGCU has led pretty much throughout. They’ve hit 11 treys, we’ve hit three, and that’s the difference.

worse than that, we just got lucky since FGCU just lost their best two playes on the same play. Wierd. Thomas has to use this game and learn to finish. More subs with Daniels and Davis now would bring speed that FGCU cannot keep up with much like has happened to us heretofore. Eecking this one out will be good for teaching, losing will be a brain demoralizer.

Tied at the last media timeout. Let’s see if we can gut this one out. Definitely a teaching moment for CMN regardless.

Dungee hit a trey with 2:15 left, Hogs now have their largest lead – 77-74. FGCU has a juco girl who has 31 points, but she missed a layup shortly before Chelsea’s three. Dungee has 23.

Chelse 0-FT’s but hits go ahead 3. Interesting tha Barnum is now our big and no Thomas who was always open but nto finishing. Morehouse is best player on court today

Up 4 now after 2 FTs by Dungee and one by Barnum (who is a terrible foul shooter)

Up 2, we missed a shot and refs aren’t sure who knocked the rebound out of bounds. Going to the video. We keep the ball with :22 left, shot clock now off. And Dungee threw the inbounds pass away. FGCU with a shot to win.

Three point shot hit nothing, out of bounds to us with :15 left.

Amber Ramirez hit two foul shots and we rebounded a miss with 2.4 seconds left. Two more FTs and an 86-80 final.


that was an excellent prep, plenty of physio training and pressure. Lots of teaching points and emphasis on how to succeed with the game on line. Hope Miz St pushes Md and our depth works to our advantage against Md who is just nationally slightly higher than us

We’re definitely going to have to play much better tomorrow. But on the other hand we have a road win for our RPI, which is still a thing in women’s basketball.

we now have neutral, home and road wins in our 3-0 start. Hope they are having fun, they are so much better happy.

now struggling v Md, but Md had a 27 point first half lead and lost to Miz St yesterday. Bad news is that they have been there done that so it is going to be even tougher for us today plus our 3’s are not falling and we are up a taller more physical team in Md. Big test

down 37-57 at half and Md has confidence

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