UA women set for Florida

Here’s my advance story for tonight’s UA women’s game against Florida.
UA women hopeful Ramirez, wins return

That’s a lot of info. Thanks.

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Nice having you on the board Paul. Thanks for the info.

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Florida girl went off the 41 points and we won anyway, largely due to Chelsea Dungee going 17-17 at the line and finishing with 33 points. Some people don’t go to the line 17 times in a season,

That 17 for 17 was a school record for either gender by the way. Dungee went 13-13 in the SEC Tournament against South Carolina in 2019. Isaiah Joe went 12-12 against Tennessee last February. Not an NCAA record though. A player for Army went 26-26 in a game in 2014, and at least 19 other players went at least 18 for 18 according to the NCAA record book.

Second time Dungee hit 17 in her career. She hit 17 of 19 vs. Auburn in 2019. But yet 17 is program record

I’m talking about a record for most FTs made in a game without missing, 13 for 13 was the best before last night

I gotcha. I was just saying she had made 17 earlier also but just missed two in that game. That’s a record for makes.

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