UA women No. 14 in preseason AP poll

That’s awesome, wonder what our best ranking has ever been?

Highest ranking in the preseason AP poll is No. 10.

Is that the highest ever, 10? As in during season as well?

Looking through Arkansas’ record books, I see a No. 7 ranking in the AP poll in Weeks 3-4 of the 1995-96 season. There are a couple other No. 7 rankings in the USA Today poll in 1995-96 and 2002-03.

Oh wow, didn’t knw they had that high of a ranking, I was curious, thx for the info Scotttie.

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Do they take a final poll after the Women’s NCAA tourney? If anyone does, I would assume we would be ranked no lower than 4th after our final four in 1998.

They didn’t in 1998 for sure. AP stopped after March 9, coaches after March 10. Hogs had been ranked earlier in the season in both polls but not at the end. We were 35th in the AP poll before the tournament, 47th in the coaches.

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