UA women currently in three-way tie in NCAA track

Hogs, Oregon and New Mexico tied for the team lead with 23 points. We got two surprise points from Devin Clark in the steeplechase, while the Lobos got 12 points. Coming up next is the 100 hurdles, which Janeek Brown should win.

Brown won and Payton Chadwick got 8th. Eleven big points. SoCal got 12 points and we’ll be going head to head with the Broomheads a lot for the rest of the afternoon. USC now has 22 points for 34 for the Hogs.

Kiara Parker got 4 points in the 100 meters but the Broomheads got 8. Team totals now 38 to 30 for SC, which moved into second place.

There’s been a protest in the 100 hurdles and I think I know why. Janeek Brown was coming close to running out of her lane.

Next event is the open 400, both Arkansas (Kethlin Campbell) and USC have an entry. We need to roll up the points in case Brown gets DQd.

10 more events to go?

Eight, I believe. Campbell got 5 points to 3 for USC in the 400 (good day for Hogs named Campbell). Five running events, three field events still in progress. We have a 10-point lead, which is what we would lose if Brown is DQd.

Yeah, it looked liked she stepped on the line after that last hurdle. I don’t know the rules. Does she have to make contact with a competitor to get dq’d, or will stepping on the line get her dq’d? That would be a shame. She ran a great race and didn’t interfere at all.

Nobody from either school in the 800. The 400 hurdles has one Trojan, no Hogs, so they’ll cut into our lead barring a DQ/DNF.

I didn’t see where she stepped, but the head-on shot showed her left hip was crossing over into the lane beside her, occupied by an LSU runner, as she went over each hurdle. It would be just like the Corndogs to protest even though that girl was nowhere near Janeek.

Protest denied, results of the hurdles stand.

Janeek is also in the 200 meter finals, which comes right after the 400 hurdles, but USC has two girls. She needs to finish high enough to minimize the bite they take out of our lead.

USC won the 400 hurdles. We’re tied at 43 points. 200 next, then the 5000, where we have two girls (Taylor Werner and Devin Clark) and they have none. We need big points out of both of those. It could still come down to the 4x400, where both schools are entered. For what it’s worth, our qualifying time is 0.91 slower than theirs in the relay.

USC got 13 points in the 200 to 5 for Janeek. Trojans lead by 8 now, 56-48. We gotta get some points in the 5K or soundly beat them in the relay. Neither school has anyone in the remaining field events.

USC 56-48 now. I’m not good at reading the results.

Yeah, it’s definitely going to come down to the 4x400. Our 2 girls in the 5000 have the 5th and 6th best times of all the competitors. If they run to that form, we’d get 7 points and trail USC by 1 point going into the 4x400. Can’t get any closer.

Taylor Werner got 8 points in the 5K. It’s a dead tie going into the relay. Beat the Trojans, we win the title.

Wow, what a race by Taylor. winner take all between the Hogs & USC in the 4x400.

USC dropped the baton after colliding with the Alabama runner, and Hogs finished second! Unless we get completely screwed, we’re the national champs!

Payton was well away from the problem, so she did not have any part in the trip/baton drop.

Incidental contact!

It’s official. NC #45!

Another Natty for the Razorback women! The USC runner was gassed before she went down, and the way Campbell closed on the 4th leg, we would have beat USC anyway!

I was thinking the same thing