UA visits this week

Caldwell is expected to attend Joe T- Dumas game Friday to see Zach Williams.

Smith and Stepp are expected to visit Adonis Otey and Trey Knox on Monday.

Morris, Lunney and Caldwell will in-home with Collin Clay on Monday.

Caldwell is expected to see Eric Gregory on Wednesday.

It appears Caldwell will visit Malik Chavis this week and Cooper is expected to attend Rison’s state title game should they win Friday.

Arkansas will be at the Broken Arrow-Jenks championship game on Friday to see Brady Latham, 2020s Andrew Ryam and Myles Slusher.

Fry and Traylor will visit Beaux Limmer on Monday and Morris will in-home Dec. 6.

As noted in Sunday’s column, Arkansas will in-home with Shamar Nash in Memphis today. (5pm)

Traylor is expected to catch A’Montae Spivey’s state title game on Dec. 5.

As noted in the column, Arkansas will see Myron Cunningham, Chibueze Nwanna and Kelly Bryant the next two weeks.

Mataio Soli is expecting Caldwell and Scott to visit him on Thursday.

Chavis will visit LB Caleb Johnson the week after his No. 30 Oregon visit.

Coach Morris, Chavis and possibly Cooper are expected to in-home with Zach Zimos on Friday.

Scott will also see Dante Walker later in the week.

Stepp will see Treylon Burks on Tuesday and TQ Jackson on Friday.

Chavis is expected to visit Memphis LB commitment Chris Russell on Thursday.

Smith will see Enoch Jackson, Taurean Carter and Jalen Catalon on Tuesday.

Expect a large group of Arkansas coaches to visit Kelly Bryant on Thursday.

Who are they seeing in bryant besides Catrell?

Sorry I changed it to Kelly Bryant.

I just assumed everyone would know who I was talking about but assuming is the worse thing you can do. My fault.

Fry will have lunch with OL commit Dylan Rathcke on Tuesday.

Will visit Myron Cunningham on Wednesday and then attend hs bowl game on Sunday.

He’ll be at the Jenks-Broken Arrow game on Friday to see Brady Latham and 2020 target Andrew Raym.

He’ll attend Chibueze Nwanna’s game on Saturday.

Traylor will see Carl Williams today.

As noted above, Stepp is seeing Treylon Burks and Marcus Miller today.

Morris, Smith, Cooper and Scott will see Jalen Catalon, Enoch Jackson and Taurean Carter today. All day.

Any new updates to add to this yet RD? Love to see them and thank you!

Traylor is seeing 2020 TE Allen Horace of Crockett, Texas right now.

Recent story on Horace: … -20181102/

What about Myles Brooks? Haven’t read anywhere that he is getting an in home visit.

Richard, can we read anything into Arkansas coaches havn’t schedule a in home with Myles Brooks yet?

No. There’s several that haven’t had an in-home or has one scheduled yet.