UA update on COVID-19

This would have only been a modestly foolish post 3-4 days ago. It is highly foolish now. Pandemics are not about presidents. They require rigorous policies to be put in place that bring with them well-considered procedures and practices to protect people. There is a reason that the medical community is speaking out loudly, and even aggressively - they were being drowned out by political interests for too long. It skewed things all across the political spectrum, with a lot of finger pointing and blame placing.

Be safe, and be humble - don’t be “the guy” who thinks they are teflon-coated and impervious to danger.

Totally agree. I’m trusting our medical professionals. I’m older and in the very vulnerable group. I’m on the side of caution.

Stories making the rounds that golf tournaments will be impacted by fan ban including the Masters .

And they should be. If any sporting event is going to have a higher than normal proportion of older fans, it’s a golf tournament, especially the Masters where admission is so hard to obtain and so expensive (through the secondary market). And the older you are, the greater your risk from COVID-19 (same applies for spring training baseball in the retirement meccas of Florida and Arizona). The Players Championship probably should not happen this weekend, but it is.

I happened to be looking through one of my medical textbooks this morning. The chief editor of this textbook is Dr. Anthony Fauci. That’s the same Dr. Anthony Fauci who testified yesterday before Congress that the mortality rate for COVID-19 is likely to be 10 times that of the seasonal flu, and that things will definitely get worse before they get better. Fauci’s area of expertise? Infectious diseases.

Hopefully he’s not the same guy who told us we were going to die from the Swine (no pun intended) flu and the Bird flu.

So, how many healthy people are dying from this virus?

None. Healthy people aren’t dying. But, infected people become sick, and the sick sometimes die.

I think a better question would be-are people who were previously healthy and are sickened by the virus dying ? The answer so far appears to be in almost all cases “no”. The dead in almost all cases were in generally frail health or had an immune system problem.

Eighty percent of those who are infected with the [new coronavirus (COVID-will have cases involving mild symptoms, [World Health Organization (WHO)] spokesman Tarik Jasarevic said Thursday.

So, here in Cobb County Georgia (metro Atlanta), schools are closed…beginning next Monday for 14 days.

But, come to school tomorrow…to get infected…if it didn’t occur last week or last month.

Same here in Chattanooga.

The UA will finish the remaining Spring Semester with online courses. Dorms and dinning halls to remain open. However, the UA is reserving the right to close the campus if required. Still working on how to execute the closure (if and when deemed necessary) without unduly affecting out of state, out of country students.

Go figure, the real digital world has begun because of a bat virus, or whatever. The old way is dead.

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