UA top 10 in Director's Cup standings

After completion of the winter sports, so baseball, softball, tennis, golf and track are not included.

There are four SEC schools in the top 10: Kentucky is 5th with 629.50 points after national titles in volleyball and rifle. Bama is 7th with 601 points. Arkansas is 9th with 587 points, and Florida is 10th with 563 points.

And we’re probably going to pass Bama and UK in the final standings after the CWS, which is the only sport that isn’t complete today.

Losing in super regionals in baseball and softball is 9th place points in both, which should be 64 points each (same as a Sweet 16 loss in hoops). Women’s track was 15th, which is somewhere around 55 points. Men’s track was 27th, which is somewhere around 45 points. Women’s golf didn’t advance out of the regionals, so didn’t make the top 30, but they just barely missed (playoff for the last spot) and that should be about 40 points. Men’s golf was T-11th which should be about 60 points.

So that’s 587 plus 64 plus 64 plus 55 plus 45 plus 40 plus 60. Which I think should get us to about 915 points, plus anything we scored in tennis. Women’s tennis lost in the first round, so that’s T-33 and should be about 35 points. I don’t think men’s tennis made the NCAA. So by my calculations we’re somewhere in the vicinity of 950 points (exact points vary by how many schools play that particular sport).

In 2019 we totaled 803 points for 23rd place. In 2018, after the popfly in Omaha, we had 870 points for 16th place. If we’re around 950, that was 12th place in 2018 and 13th in 2019.


And this despite bitter disappointment from our men and women’s track and baseball teams. Oh what might have been.

If we win the CWS it’s only 36 more points. Women’s track would have done much better if Tiara Wilson hadn’t shredded her Achilles, but as we found out with Pallette and Slavens, injuries happen, and they probably wouldn’t have won the NC regardless. Men’s track won the SEC title with sheer numbers but didn’t have the individual studs to challenge nationally, while LSU finished well back in SEC but won the natty easily.

Actually LSU finished third, only 21 points behind Arkansas.

21 points is more than two events’ worth if they win and you don’t score at all. That’s well back in a 19-event meet.

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