UA softball powers way to win over UCA

Was this a night game? I was driving past UCA campus last night about 8:00 (it could have been later, can’t remember!) and there was a huge amount of traffic and lights on at one of their fields. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.

Yes it was a night game

who did the crowd appear to favor?

Well you could hear the Hog Call at the end very well. But lots of purple in the crowd

I guess I can understand that. It was, after all, on their campus & softball, even Razorback softball, doesn’t have tons of followers. Still, I’m glad there was a significant number of hog fans there. (I’m still worried about making rivals out of fans of other in-state schools. Even in softball I don’t like the prospect of alienating them.)


Exactly! These games are big risk with little reward.

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