UA signing times

Desi Sills- 1:45

Ethan Henderson- 3

Isaiah Joe- 3

Reggie Chaney- Wednesday

Jordan Phillips- Noonish

Keyshawn Embrey -9 am central

Wil Gibson Jonesboro UofA Golf, 1:30 before Desi. I thought I’d throw him a little shade, haha.

Correction, Wil’s is on Thursday, Desi’s is on Wednesday.

Come on man get it right.

Chaney will sign between 5:30-6 pm central.

Arkansas will release the announcement of the class when they get all six NLIs in hand.

Yeah, I know, slipping in my old age. They showed up in my twitter feed one after another and I just saw the different times, and that refreshments would be served! My youngest is on the golf team with Wil, just proud of him.

This is a big day for Razorback basketball