UA reports record student attendance for football

More than 39,000 students attended the six RRS games this year, the most ever. However, given that 10,000 seats are reserved for students, they’re not overstuffing the student section. They maxed out at 8,628 for the opener against La Tech and about 8,300 for Bama.

UA also reported that more than 12,000 students bought the access pass which allows them to attend football or basketball games. So less than 50% of the student body bought a pass. I would suspect, though, that a fair number of students attend games with their family, as my son did when he was an undergrad.

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I recall that one of Senator Pryor’s questions about the RRS project was whether it would result in more seats being available for students. I’d say this shows that there is not a need for more student seats (yet). Perhaps that time will come. Joe Steinmetz has said that they will cap enrollment at about 30,000, which is almost 3,000 more than current enrollment; perhaps more enrollment combined with better teams (and/or better marketing) could fill up most of that 10,000 allotment.