UA releases Razorback Foundation from $12 million commitment

Because fundraising for the stadium expansion has gone so well.

Remember all those rumors that Jeff Long was fired in part because the stadium expansion was running way over budget?

More internet cowpatties. Or fake news from people with an agenda. Jeff Long may have ticked off a few too many good old boys, but the RRS project isn’t why he’s gone.

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Good - it’s needed to pay the asinine, secret buyout he persuaded the RF to agree to.

Speaking of people with agendas…

We’re so darn Hog-centric it’s insane, but I’d bet the “asinine secret buyout” is far more common than anyone thinks – and has been in place for multiple coaches at this university. It was put in when Bret Bielema was actually a commodity in demand, credited with turning around the program after the JLS fiasco.

Swine, I always thought the whole rumor of Stadium budget was net guano. My opine for what its worth is Jeff was removed to protect the interest of those that make money off the Little Rock games. I believe he was going to move all games to NWA, and then those LR interests would be unable to keep raking in the cash on game days. I also think another key part was the fact that some of those “old boys” toes that the “yankee” stepped on never forgave him and just used the opportunity when it presented itself. The whole budget rumor was just more misdirection and speculation to hide how petty and vindictive some of our behind the scenes movers and shakers can be. The timing was just right for the Malzhanistas and the Little Rock gamers and the Sore Toes to manage to all find common ground and remove Jeff, whether he was a benefit for the program or not, for each group he was a road block for their different agendas.

In demand? 7-6 record and 2-6 and last place in the SEC West. I’ll grant you the trend was good at the end of 2014 but by no means had Arkansas been turned around. Back to back cellar finishes in the SEC West does not constitute a turnaround in my judgement. It certainly does not warrant such a lucurative buyout and one that is so one sided. If it had been a mirrored buyout like Petrino had in his contract I could begin to understand it, but I do not understand at all what was agreed to by Long. He was taken to the cleaners by BB’s agent.

I think you’re exactly right.

I guess Morris’ agent took us to the cleaners, too. His contract is one-sided too, just not quite as big.

What is clear that Jeff Long is gone because football did not win and he was the one who hired the coach. And, he is the one who gave him an extension and caused the big buyouts. I was around a VERY big booster this weekend. He likes Long, but he does not like the way he money was managed. You give a big chunk, you want to see it managed wisely. I hear that from most of the boosters, whether they be little or big. Of course, no matter what you contributed, it was a significant check for your to write. It hurts most of us the same.

If the LR money interest thing is true, why did the LR money interest people allow the game count to go from three games per season to one game per season to begin with?