UA one of 22 FBS schools paying academic bonus

To athletes with strong grades.

That’s awesome because for 99% of these kids the education is what’s going make or break them.


I had not heard about this before…interesting…

I hadn’t either. SEC leading the way, so far.

Nor had I. Interesting though. And good for us, the good guys!

Help recruiting in a small way? Didn’t read that…

I posted that 48 hours ago, Dave.

Sorry…missed it…

Another great find by Jeff and Wiz. Mahalo.
Question…For the UA, which athletes are eligible for the academic bonuses? All athletes in all sports? Only full scholarship athletes? The women sports generally have the best GPAs. Would love to know the details.
UA…Campus of Champions

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Good question. And I wonder if there is any difference between athletes with full scholarships vs. those with partial. What about walk-ons, especially those who are on the roster?

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Exactly. Baseball, track, etc where there are a lot of partial scholarship athletes.
UA…Campus of Champions

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