UA On Campus Fall Session in doubt?


Any inside info from anyone if the UA is going to start its On Campus Fall Session on 24 August as planned?

Any consideration of starting the year with online classes only and defer on campus attendance until later in the school year due to C19?

Or delay on campus/ school year for a few weeks?

It is such a great expense, time and effort (for everyone including the students and their parents) to start the school year on campus only to quit and move to online courses only. A big decision for the Chancellor, Board of Trustees and Governor to make. Ramifications (financial impact to NWA and the UA, students and families, employees, etc…in addition to health) are HUGE.


Mine has an Aug 13th, 10AM check-in time for Maple West, that’s all I can tell you as of today.

UA still plans to begin Phase 3 of its return to campus on August 3 with an eye toward having a fall semester. But that’s three weeks away and a lot can change in that time. Three weeks after that, classes are scheduled to start.

Hope UA is able to hold some in-person classes. Otherwise it will be a disaster for foreign students and subsequently foreign student athletes. The federal government is saying that if a University does not hold in-person classes, the foreign students must either transfer to a school that has in-person classes or their student visas will be cancelled. That is not good for programs like tennis, volleyball, soccer, gymnastics, Track&Field and swimming, which are stacked with foreign students athletes.

A lot of uncertainty around college campuses.

I can see having classes. Just limit the number of people in each one, require distancing & masks. If possible, put up some sort of plexiglass partition. Open windows when that’s possible. Don’t use all class rooms.

On-campus living is another issue. I guess they could open some of the dorms but only allow one student per room. The frat & sorority houses would need to reduce number of residents & allow limited communal dining. The problem is the propensity of college kids to socialize & party. Even if most students don’t get very sick if they get it, they’re going to be out in the community.

That will work if a student attends every other class in person and every other class online. Otherwise you will have to reject half the admissions that have been accepted to date.

Probably correct.

Since I mention the plight of foreign students above, I thought I should mention that today, in face of lawsuits from 17 Universities, the federal government decided to walk back their proposed policy of canceling visas of foreign students. That uncertainty thankfully has been eliminated.

Never fully understood the reasoning behind that in the first place. Punishing the universities for trying to be safe and punishing the students for following protocol.

Administration wants to discourage foreigners coming here from anywhere for any reason, it seems.

We won’t even discuss their policy on reopening public schools this fall.


I am guessing here…perhaps the step was a tool to evict the 200K+ Communists Chinese students. However, their was just too much collateral damage.

Still anxious to know what the UA is going to do for many, many reasons. Including the expense of bringing my pair of UA students to Fayetteville. Don’t want to spend big $$$$ only for the UA to go to online courses at the Thanksgiving break.

The only C19 metrics which concern me as a parent are the hospitalization (compared to other outbreaks, flu, etc…) and death rates. If they both take a significant bounce up then I would agree with online courses until we either have a vaccine or C19 eventually dies out.



That seems to be what everyone is doing due to the likelihood of a November surge combined with the normal fall flu.

Most campuses in Arkansas are being very smart when it comes to screening to come back and have dorms/areas for quarantining those who are infected as to not infect others. The issue will continue to be not just classes but gathering places like student centers, fraternity/sorority activities, and of course sports. Students under the current ideas of governing the 2020-2021 school year can have a school year, but it will be so strict that life will be completely different if followed correctly. I’m currently getting a second degree at another college and this is my last semester of classes before a semester of work placement before I graduate. I’ve worked hard with my current classmates and we are willing to live the strictest of lives just so we finish together and not online.

The universities get significant amount of tuition fees from foreign students. They cannot afford to lose those fees. So idea is that by doing this it will force the universities to hold in person classes and make it look like it is all normal.

And if the schools refuse, foreign students are forced leave the US and thus reduce future immigration of foreigners.

It was a win-win for the administration based on their objectives. Really a clever policy.

I assume the word clever used in the last sentence was with a touch of sarcasm.

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