UA linebacker commit sends lineman flying

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I love real linebackers. Spence is the real deal.


It seems like we are getting a good number of SEC LBs into the program in the last couple of years. A real change from much of the last decade and more, when we had often had trouble getting enough starters who were legit and never had any depth.

Evidently pegged for DE according to the article.

LB but will slide down to the edge at times.

We’ll see I suppose. 6’3’ 232 now, one year in the program could add a lot of weight and maintain the speed.

He he runs a 10.94 100M. He can cover a lot of offensive threats.
UA…Campus of Champions

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His coach sold he was 230-235 and Brad told me 232 so the weight is definitely about right.

Just saying in Walker’s program he can get a lot bigger.

Oh, I wasn’t saying anything to dispute you. I was talking about his weight because often times people question heights and weights. He appears to be the 6-3 listed.

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