UA Hall of Honor voting

The University lets former athletes vote on admission to the UA Hall of Honor. Since my dad, who is an A Club member, doesn’t keep up with it as much as I do, he let me cast his vote. Four athletes from modern era football and basketball (McFadden, Beck, Huery and one other football player were my votes), four from other modern sports (I voted baseball and track; Omar McLeod, Brett Eibner and Zach Cox were among my choices)s, plus voting for four in two more not-quite-modern categories, out of about 14 nominees in each. Some of the people I’d frankly never heard of. I remember voting for John Southerland, Mark Cook, Katherine Grable, Bill Bakewell, and Ken Turner. I guess I should have written them down.

I remember looking at the 14 nominees in modern football-hoops and saying all 14 were worthy candidates.

Ken Turner is a neighbor of mine. He coached some great kickers.

I believe that he is already in the Arkansas Sports HofF

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