UA football target pushes on after loss of parents

Wow just wow. Still just 2 years since losing his mother (the last parent). Shows a lot character and strength. This young man should be under Sam Pittmans wing here.

Great story Richard. Thanks for providing insight to a truly remarkable young man. Hope he will be a Hog, but I’m confident he will be a winner in life and for his siblings.

Well, that was a great read Richard, with a great message from this young man. Thank you for sharing. Now we know this young man a little better and hope so much he wants to be a Hawg. But , if not we can watch his path which he will succeed at. He has under gone so much pain at to young of age, still has his head on straight. Sam Pittman treats his players as his own, go get him Sam!

Wow. I feel for this kid and his siblings. What a tough deal. I hope he becomes a Hog just to watch him grow as a man and see his development.

Wonderful story and what a kid! All the best in life for him wherever he ends up.

Inspiring positive example being demonstrated by
Mr. J. Boykins Jr.
I hope he has a long and successful life after he finally
has to give up playing the game of football, after his
NFL days. Maybe he will be able if interested in becoming a coach. His commitment and endurance would translate to helping other young men to overcome adversity. Hope he becomes a Razorback
so we can cheer him on as he hones his skills and growth.

One of the finest articles I’ve read on WHS in a while. Went so far beyond “recruiting”. Thanks

I want him to sign with the Hogs every bit as much as I want any 5-star to sign! All the makings of a team leader.

Please bring this young man on board. He is a leader. Bless him and his family.

I shared the comments with Jerrell. He’s very moved.

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Thank you for this inspiring story. I’ll keep this young man and family in Prayer. I love that you didn’t give us his height/ weight or highlights, just a touching story of a young man overcoming tragedies that no 15yr old should experience.

I told him I didn’t want to talk recruiting. His story was so much more important.

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