UA finishes 20th in Directors Cup

Eighth time in last 10 years the UA athletic program has made Top 20 in the annual all-sports ranking covering both men’s and women’s sports. According to a UA release, the school was second in the DC standings among schools offering 19 varsity sports or fewer (Oregon, which finished ninth, was above us). DC counts a maximum of 20 sports, 10 for each gender. If you score in more than 20 sports, the lowest scores are thrown out until you get down to 20. Obviously, with 19 sports, UA cannot max out the 20-sport limit, although with 11 women’s sports they could conceivably max out on that side.

DC points are based on national finishes. In football, the lowest scores are teams that lose a bowl game, then minor bowl winners, then the final USA Today Top 25 in reverse order. If you don’t make a bowl, zero points. For NCAA championship sports, you have to make the NCAA cut to get points. For instance, since we lost in the baseball regional final to MoState, we were considered to be tied for 17th which was worth 50 points. Our men’s golf team was deemed to be 43rd place which was worth 28.5 points. But women’s basketball, which was not good and got Jimmy Dykes fired, got zero points.

Stanford won, as usual (they threw out four scoring sports to get down to 20). Ohio State was second, Florida was third after winning the CWS, followed by USC and North Carolina. LSU’s run to the CWS final jumped them over the Hogs into 18th. Kentucky (10th), A&M (12th) and Georgia (15th) were also in the top 20. South Carolina was right behind us in 21st, and Bama and Auburn also made the top 30.

There is no weighting of sports. Football is no more valuable than water polo or beach volleyball. So the scoring rewards schools that are good at everything, for both genders. There was a long time where our women’s sports really stunk, and it dragged us down in DC rankings. That has improved significantly. Not having the full complement of sports also affects us, but I don’t anticipate that changing any time soon.

Stanford wound up with 1563 points, an average of 78.15 per sport for all 20 sports it counted. What is 78 points? Florida State and Louisville finished tied for fifth in Omaha and each school got 78 points for that. We scored in 16 of our 19 sports; women’s hoops, swimming and volleyball were the ones who failed to pick up points.