UA connects with French … b-2019011/

Chavis will see French and Bryson Eason on Monday.

Oui Oui

J’aime le frommage beaucoup

Have to use that college French when I get the chance

Dudley, what kind of grade did you get in your french class??

I got a D.

It was after my car accident when my brain was regenerating after the head surgery.

I was in the UA’s disability program and struggling to use English, much less French, but had to take the class.

By the way, it says I love cheese very much…which I do.

my stomach still turns on mention of his dad’s name, but the kid has mMemphis connections for sure. Love his newest tweet of CCM’s office and the recruit or die shirt. … r%5Eauthor

Someone is going to have to help me to accept that any Tuohy is good for AR. I know Morris fam loves Sean Jr, but they cannot be ignorant of his dad and his Taco Bell influence on OM recruiting. How he is making his way thru AR football is confounding given SJ’s basketball history and legacy: … /93231714/

Dudley or Richard please make me feel through and through trusting of any Tuohy working for AR. I know the dad and kid are both charismatic and talented and OM fans will tell strongly tell you how good to the core and humanistic ST and SJT are. I still swallow hard at the Blind Side recapitulation of the Tuohy goodness. Seems like SJ is gonna be one of those recruiters who any program aspiring to be great needs, but is it because of an AR good feel? Kid is a survivor and adapter but Fayetteville is not Dallas, Toto.