UA board gives final approval for stadium expansion … expansion/

Why not just go for 80K…sounds better than 77K…NUFF SAID…

Well, good plan for progress. Plenty of TV dollars to foot the bill. Very competitive world for big time recruits. Either
move forward or fall back.

Just curious here. Why is current capacity said to be 72,000, when announced capacity at some games in the past, notably Alabama, was something over 76,000? And, if we really can legally put that many safely into the stadium, why not go ahead and give the real capacity number at 80,000 or thereabouts?

Capacity is based on number of seats. The record numbers were set when the temporary bleachers were put on top of the end zones.

The number of new seats is based on demand for suites and club seats. I don’t think there is anyone in the administration worrying about getting to a round capacity figure. You don’t want to overbuild. Arkansas has a hard time filling the seats it already has for most games and chances are good that many of the new suite/club holders will come from general admission seating.

There’s another factor that goes into the equation, too. Total attendance includes everyone at the game even if they’re part of the staff, on the teams or in the press box. That means if every seat is full & actual seating capacity is 72,000 you add concession stand workers, ushers, police, everyone in the press box, cheerleaders, both teams, the coaches, ball-boys, trainers…everyone. When you add those, it’s not hard to come up with a number well above seating capacity. Add temporary seats & 72,000 can become 80k pretty fast.

If and when there is a need for more general seating (i.e., we become a hard sellout), it will be fairly easy to add: An upper deck atop the south end zone where the “student skyboxes” are now. Size of the deck is variable. You could do something small, or go Aggie style:

That deck on the right side of this picture has got to be 12,000 seats easily, maybe more. The total capacity increase from their north end zone project, called The Zone, was almost 24,000.

As an aside, I’m still not sure what I think about leaving that gap in the northeast corner. If one of the goals is to enclose the noise (which apparently was pretty substantial Saturday from a post on the UA website), that is a big hole letting the sound out. But I also recognize that that’s one way to differentiate RRS from other stadiums, and that many new stadiums, particularly in the NFL, incorporate gaps rather that a solid ring of seating all the way around. (See the Patriots stadium below for an example)

Even the Seattle stadium, regarded as the loudest or second loudest in the NFL, has some gaps. The canopy over the sideline seats is why Seattle gets so loud: