UA and Coke

i’ve notice that since the University has signed the new contract with Coke…we now look like Alabama and Georgia during news conferences…please!!! can we lose the Coke bottle or the water bottle being at the podium or is that in the small legal language of the contracts?

Well, on the list of things that rub me the wrong way, that’s very far down. In fact, the more we can emulate UGA and Bama, I’d say the better.


I don’t understand ……is the bottle of Coke hurting someone? Product placements for folks paying the bills makes sense to me.


I’m not a fan of doing it, but OTOH, it’s not that big a deal to me.

They need to put a two liter up there!

Sam walked in last week, looked at the Coke bottle and asked something to the effect of, “Is this going to be here every time now?”


Better than a Pepsi can or bottle.

I hate Pepsi.


i agree its a small thing but its still irrelevant to the fact of the news conference in my opinion

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Obviously, it is in the contract. And who really cares? I don’t even notice it.

I noticed it the first time I saw it but probably because it seemed to be more in front of Sam’s face vs being off to the side. I think they fixed that now.

Woodford Reserve is next on the endorsement list.


It’s relevant to “we’re paying you a bunch of money to have Coke products on your campus and we want the plug when the coach has a newser.” Especially if some of that money is going directly to Sam.

Since Muss’ mom’s family was Pepsi distributors for years, it will be interesting to see if he does the same thing.

:+1::+1: on Woodford Reserve

One of the players walked into the interview room with an Aquafina bottle last week. That was quickly replaced with a cold Dasani.

Thank goodness Coke is back on campus & no more Pepsi.

In the unlikely chance that I want a Pepsi, I can leave a Coke bottle open all day & drink a flat Coke.


Well, sorta coke…Dr.Pepper coke!! :innocent:

Sam should bring a cold silver bullet into the pressers.


Seems like yesterday…


That was 51 years ago! Would Coke pay the Razorback Marching Band to play it now?

It was interesting when we toured the Jerry & Gene Jones Student-Athlete Success Center yesterday. There were machines to dispense drinks. They were labeled with the Coke logo. Except there were no soft drinks of any kind in the machines. There was water, juice, tea, etc.