UA: All new suites sold

And club seats and loge boxes being taken as well.

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Question for those in the know on this. Last time I had season tickets, I was told that no matter how much I gave, I’d probably be in the nose bleeds, because individuals who had been buying seats for many years had priority to the lower, closer sections. Are the loge boxes, and club seats under the same rule? Don’t want to spend money and get told I don’t get them because others have had tickets longer.

No. The new suites and life boxes were first come first serve.

Cool, Thanks

I didn’t note this at the time because I was posting on my tablet which is very unwieldy; cut-and-paste of the URL is about all I can handle on that thing.

The importance of this, IMO, is that many doom-and-gloomers have seized upon our lack of success to proclaim that the new premium seats will not be taken, which in turn (they think) supports their desire for a new coach, or AD, or both.

Well, in spite of some pretty ugly results on the field since the stadium expansion was announced/begun, the suites (including all 10 Founders Suites at $3 million a pop) are gone and the loge and club seats are selling nicely. As always at RRS (or WMS), there is a strong possibility that tickets sold will not get used, in premium or general seating areas. But the money will be in the bank regardless.

Maybe, just maybe, these people are supporting the program win or lose, regardless of who wears the HC headset or sits in the AD chair. They may personally support BB and JL, or they may not. Probably some of each. But they are supporting the program, voting with their checkbooks.

Good point.

You really don’t have to give that much to qualify for club seats, in part because the ticket prices themselves count as a bit of a donation. Indoor and outdoor club required donation is only $150 per seat per year. I don’t know yet how they’ll handle the new loge boxes.

What you were told back then doesn’t apply completely either. They’re not going to move somebody out of a prime seat to make room for you, but if seats are available in the section you want, and you give enough to get into that section (list is here: <LINK_TEXT text=“ … ments.aspx”></LINK_TEXT>), you can get in regardless of how long you’ve been giving. Now if there’s more demand than supply for a given area, then the Priority Points (which is how they track lifetime giving now) come into play. But I bet if you call somebody at the Foundation before next season they’ll find a way to get you taken care of.

Thanks Swine, and I agree with your statement above. Fans will show up to cheer the Hogs.