Tyson Morris-Mike Woods

Tyson Morris is having his best season so I wondered how it is comparing to Mike Woods at Oklahoma.

Morris 6 catches for 148 yards, 2 TDs

Woods 6 catches for 44 yards, 1 TD

I know this is not an apples to apples thing

Woods may have had more catches and more yards if he had stayed here.

Morris might not have returned as a super senior if Woods had not transferred

I just thought it would be interesting to check in on


Dudley what do you think the main reason Woods left?

From what I’ve gathered, OU reached out to Mike and essentially told him: “Hey instead of helping break in a new QB at Arkansas, come play in the system that produced DeeDee Westbrook and CeeDee Lamb.” And he bought it.

Not Dudley and an uneducated guess. He was tired of playing in Treylon Burks’ shadow. He, mistakenly, thought he should have equal billing. Probably now wishes he had stayed in Fayetteville.

Just my opinion. Arkansas is better off without him if he would have “unhappily” stayed here. After watching Thompson and Morris this year, I honestly think he may have been our #4 receiver, similar to his spot at OK.

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Because he thought being a WR with Spencer Rattler on an OU team that he believed would contend for a national championship, give him more exposure and would help his chances to be drafted higher.

And that he could make more money at OU via the NIL than he could here.

I would say that it would be inaccurate to say OU reached out to Mike.

People around him? Sure.

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Rattler is really not playing that well thus far — at least not meeting expectations. Overhyped and not living up to it. Beginning to see some probably premature calls for the backup, who is another 5 star. Can’t recall his name. Woods only had 3 targets against Nebraska. I’d venture he’d be having a much better season at Arkansas, with nearly as much national attention now that we’re winning. He’s likely made a mistake unless OU really gets it rolling and uses him.

Is Chandler Morris the backup at OU?

Bad for chemistry. He soured so he did us a favor by leaving.

Could be, but it would be revisionist history at its best to claim that was the national perception at the time of his decision.

I certainly do not think it was a bad decision if you are a guy who wants to take advantage of college football’s new situation.

Not what I would do, but I get it.


No, at the time I also kind of understood it. Hindsight may prove it to be a mistake. We will see. Probably too early. OU as a whole needs to play a lot better. The offense is stuck in the mud.

To answer the OP, no, Chandler transferred to TCU.

Probably so he could go watch his daddy coach on Friday nights. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


Can it be both inaccurate and true?

I assumed we are speaking of first contact, not later in the process.

That’s just about always the case. No matter how talented, a disgruntled player usually causes more damage than they help. I wish he’d been a team player, been happy & stayed. But if he wasn’t gonna be either, I’m glad he left. But I won’t root for him or wish him success. I hope he falls on his butt.

You would expect the numbers for Woods to get a little better as the year rolls along, but right now he’s not seeing a lot of targets and he’s not catching even mid-range passes. His long reception so far is for 12 yards.

OU is passing for about 290 per game, and Woods is getting about 15 of that. He needs a fairly good jump in production to end up as their #3 WR. He’s not close to the current # 3 in yards/catches. Additionally, there are two other WRs with close to the same production as Woods, so there’s a dog fight over there for playing time.

It’s beginning to look like he needs either: 1) one of the top three to get hurt; or 2) a breakout game against a good opponent. Otherwise he’s probably just a good receiver who isn’t good enough to start for that team. If he finishes fourth or fifth among the WRs he probably will still get drafted, but when?

Great for T.M!! Also glad that he is an in-state kid and having success…

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