Tyson Jolly

Sad we even missed the chance to get him by firing our coach…This is the lowest I’ve felt as a Razorback fan

Who was lead recruiter on him for Arkansas?

I think it was TJ

I didn’t really feel confident in the former staff getting any real playmakers in the spring after what I’d seen the last several years. If Jolly commited to SMU that early he was likely staying around the DFW area all along.

Jolly may be good, but he wasn’t going to single handedly fix what was going wrong.

No recruit this late in the game is going to get you to a SS by themselves, atleast it’s highly unlikely.

I dunno, if Carsen Edwards decided to grad transfer here instead of going pro, that would be a big step. That would be some serious firepower with Joe and Edwards from deep. Not gonna happen, of course, but it’s kinda fun to think about.

I’d be curious how he wound up going from suburban Houston to the Big Ten. Actually, I found a link where he explained his decision. He wanted to go play the physical Big Ten style.

Know what you mean. Looked like the staff had him. With our freshmen/sophomores getting that one year of SEC experience under their belt and adding Jolly and a big, I thought we had a great shot at a solid season.

I hope we get a coach now that can now save Moore, Williams and Moody. It was between us and Ohio State for Moody. Not sure what the recent events mean. The fourth kid Bryce Thompson is gone for sure.

You had more faith in TJ than I. I’ve never read a quote bragging on he or anyone on our former staff as being great recruiters. They sure are great guys though.

As someone who has written many recruiting stories in the past eight years, it was most certainly mentioned by recruits.

Watkins , Cleveland and Thurman, who was mentioned the most late, were praised.

That being said, they were not view as a great recruiting staff nationally or by their fans.

Dudley, that’s what I was trying to say on a national level. When you look at the top 100 kids for 2019 and 2020 you just don’t see Arkansas mentioned except a couple times.

I think we will have to always take the current Tennessee and previous North Carolina approach to being Sweet 16 good. Sign the best quality players that are not one and dones. Develop them as young men and basketball players and get them to their junior and senior years. Occasionally add in the two and thru or an occasional one year player that we keep home and go to war. Sure has worked well for UNC. Even when you look at all the great classes Cal has signed and all the players he has put in the pros it took a very special player in Anthony Davis along side a better than normal group of other freshmen elite to win the title. And that’s his only one.

Edwards would fall into my, highly unlikely area.

I agree, not sure how he slipped out of texas. Hes really good, and man… he had a game the other night.