TYSM CSPittman and our Hogs we got a lot to look forward to

Coach Sam has changed the culture and the Razorbacks are fighters again

The loss to Mizzou just relates how poor the program is because a loss to Mizzou says your not where you need to be - it diminishes you

Now - time to recut and build so the games with Bama, TAMU , Auburn and LSU are the games we measure ourselves by

So got along way to go but not as far as we had just last year

I think Arkansas needs to act like Auburn or LSU and find it’s players are sick and not play Bama

Screw the SEC we owe them no loyalty - let them figure it out and we start reciting

This season was so much better than expected - TYSM Coach Pittman

Keep your staff in place - maybe let the special teams guy go -

Recuit and move on to next season

There are great things to look forward to

But play Bama with a depleted roster like the SEC set us up to play - naw

Screw them

Take care of us - we owe the SEC nothing

The SEC robbed us plenty this year - we owe them nothing

Protect what you have and build


torn on this one…totally agree with we owe the SEC nothing and like the concept of giving them the finger. On the other hand, I believe you play the hand your dealt to the best of your ability.

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Me, too. Especially this year.

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Good points - I’m sure CIA h Sam will do what is best for the program

Don’t see Sam ditching a game, but are we still in the picture for a bowl game?

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Not playing Bama will not help your recruiting or message you are selling your fanbase. Bama will win the game but not like the first half of LSU yesterday. Bama is focused on Florida , then playoffs. Bama will shut down Burks and the run game. Neither Franks or Jefferson will have a good day at qb but team needs to play the gold standard team that is part of their permanent rotation each year.

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Yep play the game because we play Bama every year in SECW. They will win and start pulling starters early. Saban doesn’t want another Tua ordeal like last year.

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I wish you’d give it up with this “loss to Missouri diminishes you”. That’s no more true than losing any other game, and less true than losing, say, to Western Kentucky or Colorado State. I get that you don’t respect them, but they’re still an SEC team with a winning record.

This is not a classic Bama defense. They can be had. Ole Miss threw for 365 yards against them and ran for 268. We’ll score some points, whether FF or KJ are in there. But they might score 60 by halftime.

Bama has best defense in SEC allowing 18.3 pt per game and of the 165 points allowed , 29% was the Ole Miss game. Since that game , the new comers have become a good unit as witnessed by the scoring in the last 5 games. 17 points is most allowed with a shutout and 3pt to Ky.

Comparisons of points allowed: Ark 33, Aub 25.2. Florida 25.1, GA 20.6, Ky 26.4, LSU 33.4, MSU 28.4,Mizz 27.9, Ole Miss 38.8, South Car 36, Tn 31.2, Tn 31,2 TAM 22.1 and Vandy 36.8.

All from SEC website.

  • Sept. 26 at Missouri W 38-19
  • Oct. 3 #13 TEXAS A&M W 52-24
  • Oct. 10 at Ole Miss W 63-48
  • Oct. 17 #3 GEORGIA W 41-24
  • Oct. 24 at Tennessee W 48-17
  • Oct. 31 MISSISSIPPI STATE W 41-0
  • Nov 21, 2020 KENTUCKY W 63-3
  • Nov. 28 #22 AUBURN W 42-13
  • Dec 05, 2020 at LSU W 55-17
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I don’t write for your wishes

Yeah - It’s not in his nature

He will man up and play

I’m just angry and looking fir ways to stick it back up the SEC they shite have stuck it to us - I want to return the favor

But the best way to do that is win

It’s like the Ole SWC in that way

The officials and PTB are not our friends they are obstacles

Ty fir allowing me to vent

That loss to Mizzou ended any momentum this season would have. I find it funny that the same guys who have posted that the defense didn’t let go of the rope in the 4th qtr yesterday now want us to lie and get out of the Bama game! For sure they have let go of the rope. More like they want to quit.

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Because we were so close in 2 games and absolutely had the refs take one win away, and possibly the LSU game also, we are taking the final 3-7 record as very negative. If this had been a normal football schedule, this team, even with those 2 devastating losses, would probably have been 6-6 with a decent bowl coming.

We would not have played FL or GA. We would have been 3-1 (losing to ND) in the OOC schedule. That is a great season following 2 1/2 seasons of 0-19 against SEC teams.

This is how we should look at the way this season unfolded. We were oh so close to a 5-3 SEC record and actually won 3 SEC games. Our last week’s loss to MO was devastating, but even in the loss, we should feel much better about our offense going into next season even if FF does not come back.

Play hard against Bama, then prepare for our bowl game, while looking positively towards 2021! Been 2 or 3 years since I’ve looked forward with any anticipation for a new football season.

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Well I know I never said that the defense let go of the rope

I did say they looked gassed

That’s a depth issue not a character issue

As for not playing Bama

Yes I recommended that

It’s my frustration of wanting to stick it back to the SEC that has stuck it to us this year

I’ll advised comment on my part

But I said it and I own it

Glad I don’t decide any of this

COach Sam will do the right thing

Hurt fir these Razorbacks they put it all on the field

Now after loooing to moo u I suspect the gas is all gone fir sure

They deserve better and coach Sam does too

Outstanding post and yes a much improved team

I said they let go of the rope. I give them a pass on LSU running it right down their throats it was all backups. But really the defense looked same as last year against Florida and the game against Mizzou was as bad as the games last year. They had a chance to win the game 40 seconds and no one expected them to rise up. We end with 3 wins I had them at 3 maybe 4. Some are excited about the 3 wins. We could have beat Auburn with a first down instead we went conservative 3 and out. 14 point lead and the defense gets absolutely scorched to cut it to 7. What did we do? Very conservative 3 runs and a punt. I see Pittman’s DNA and sorry he didn’t seem to sense that our defense wasn’t going to stop them? Yeah I know he’s untouchable right now but my fear is in 2-3 years we will see this over and over. He’s too conservative that might work at Bama and they aren’t even conservative. Loved him going for two but did it take him until then to realize that Mizzou was going to score a 100 TDs in a row. I could see that the second we got a 14 point lead and the defense let go of the rope or quit. What 300 yards in the 4th? I hope Pittman wins and wins big but he has shown his DNA. When LSU can’t stop a deep pass to save their lives and at the half he says we have to run the ball? Just win should have thrown it every down in the second half we would have scorched them. They ever lost their best DB and we still didn’t challenge them deep near enough. Is it better than last year under Chad…Yeah but that’s not my hope for the program. Sorry you guys hate my thoughts but that is my non agenda thoughts.

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It’s ok this is a sports board and I always look at a sports board like friends at the local bar watching a game

Some very outrageous things can be said but if “people who don’t get their panties in a wad” typically they don’t hold it against you

Myself included - I’ll say things that rub some posters the wrong way - just like at the bar watching the gsne

The only thing that I don’t let anyone off the hook is when they call out individual players

I suspect all of us on this board would not be able to do half what these kids are doing on the field

I try an avoid most the folks that are so serious they can’t allow any expression because they are soooo self absorbed with their self importance

It’s a sports board - for fans - to banter

Banter is fun imho and you have freedom to express love and disappointment snd frustration

But like anything public use language that fits in public places - do t go sailor or Grunt GI

Sorry for the long note

Go Hogs

Good points

My point about not playing Bama is out of frustration

Coach San will do the right thing

He is a winner and proud to have him

Proud of these Razorbacks too

Not proud of their win loss record - nope unacceptable

Very proud of their character and fight if the SEzc was competent or not crooks - these Razorbacks would be 5-4 going into this game

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Not sure Blue if you meant that for me but I respect you as a poster. I am not a person that gets angry on a message board. I daily talk to lifetime hogfans and enjoy it!
I have some knowledge of the game and not a Belichek but I can tell you yesterday I was praying that after Mizzou cut it from 14 to 7 that Sam would throw on first down. I am afraid we have seen his DNA.

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