Tyrus Washington


Love the posting of twitter things like this, but with out knowing anything about the player, I have to dig around just to find out who he is and what position he plays, etc. Even if you just add in “6-4 230 TE Leesburg Georgia” it would be very informative and prevent a having to dig around to find out who he was.

For those that didn’t know who this was… like me, here is a link

I have pointed this out a couple of times and there is no reply or change. Guess it is too easy to change.

I do at times. Will do it more consistently.


I’ve tried my best to include that.

But I’ll try to make sure it happens every time from now on.


First… I did not post all those links in my post… Doing that and saying what I did would seem a bit overmuch and kinda like a butt. I was not trying to be a butt. I did however post a single link that gave his information and I believe it was from 247 Sports. Someone removed my link then added all the others.

Second… not a big fan of having someone else edit my post and post things without so much as a by your leave. It makes things appear that I was the poster or it was something I did or said. I understand if its edited because I said something I should not have, but otherwise please don’t do that. I say lots of things and I want to make sure that all my posts are 100% me.


I did that. Wasn’t trying to upset you. Just thought story links from WH would help.

I doubt you’ll see links on other sites that drive traffic to competitors.

I posted something similar on Twitter the other day about including some basic information. I included recruiting reporters as well as the athletes themselves.

Most of the time, there is no information about what position they play or where they are from. Not in the body of the Tweet (or Instagram) nor in the bio.

I have also seen coaches tweet the same message.

First, I really apricate what Richard and DD bring us. But as someone who keeps up, to some extent, with Arkansas recruiting, but isn’t into it nearly as much as some, it really is nice to get a little more detail about a player who is the subject of a post. Heck (and yes, this shows how stupid I can be) sometimes I don’t even know which sport a kid is playing when he is mentioned in a post.


Very valid point.

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I think it is extremely common in journalism to credit the source of information that is used, such as CBS quoting someone with ESPN. Happens all the time and they do not seem to worry that in doing so CBS readers are going to run off to ESPN and leave them behind.
I think I understand what you were thinking at the time and you did man up to it. But editing in this case was obviously offensive to Votan. And you have to admit that the only reason he posted the link was trying to help your readers since the info was not available in your post.
If it is a rule that you can’t post from other sources I am not aware of it. And I do wonder if posting Twitter is the same thing as Votan posting what he posted. I just think Twitter thinks of it differently than you were thinking.
Thank you for replying to us on this and I appreciate your future efforts.

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