Tyree Wilson to

Texas A&M.
http://www.wholehogsports.com/news/2018 … ys-aggies/

Darn. Well I guess we still have a shot at Caleb.

Richard honest question…

What did we really get out of Texas in this class?

If we have so many Texas connections , what did it get us?

A WR we best SMU for?

An OL we beat SMU for?

A JUCO RB that flunked out of A&M?

And maybe another WR with grade issues?

We should fire him and start over because he sucks as a recruiter.

I understand the disappointment, but everyone knew with such a short recruiting time this class could not define this coaching staff’s ability to recruit. It’s hard to poach a Texas kid who has had a long-term relationship with Texas A&M (even with their new coaching staff).

Reading junk like this (above post) makes me CRAZY . . . .

Don’t people have the common sense to understand that when a new coach (and his staff) are hired in December they CANNOT be judged on who/what they sign that first class? Sure - such a coach will probably have a few “surprises” both ways . . . perhaps signing a player or two that was not involved with his new school before he was named as the new HC. while also losing some commitments that had been gathered by the "old’ coaching staff.

Why? Because recruiting is about 80% relationships. And the new coach is always playing “catch up” to the other schools trying to sign prospects. These other schools have typically been recruiting a prospect for 18 mos (or longer), have had them on campus for junior days, have visited the prospect several times at their HS, gotten to know the parents, etc. of the kid. Most of the high level kids have pared their finalist list down BEFORE the new coach has even been named! It is remarkable that a new HC can even get some of these high quality recruits to accept home visits and make an on-campus visit. You’ll get some, but not many.

Please, PLEASE hold your judgement until you see what this new staff does after they’ve had a complete year to recruit to Arkansas. I’m not saying they are all great recruiter4s; I have hope, but I’d be the first to admit that I won’t realaly know any more than you or anyone else how they’ll do until we have more time. NO ONE can really know for at LEAST another year. To get all upset about it at this point is a total waste of time.

NOPE! :sunglasses:

I see where other schools hired coaches in Dec and have not had much trouble…

You can say whatever you want, but it’s a valid question I asked.

I was playing around w the 247 site yesterday…I wrote down 6 names from Whole Hog and a competitor based on the the chance 247 gave them to sign with the Hogs. Wilson was not one of them. 247 had it 80% he would sigh w aTm.

It is a valid question, but one that I’ll wait until this time next year to expect an answer to. If all we see in 2019 is a bunch of guys we beat SMU and Rice for I’ll agree we have problems. I expect we’ll get several guys with offers from Ok State, TCU, etc. which is what we need. Start winning and let’s take on A&M, Ok, etc.

It’s not always apples to apples.

Bret dug us a nice sized hole, and it will be hard to climb out of.

Give it time.

I don’t say it’s an unvalid question. You are very right; other schools hired coaches in December and have not had much trouble. But most of them were not 4-8 last year. Think about this: We beat Tennessee out for a player in their own state and may very well have beaten them for a Texas wide receiver who was once committed to Oklahoma. I just think most are willing to give the staff a full year of recruiting to see what they’ll do. If they prove they can’t, then that will be the time to become concerned.

A nice sized hole indeed… I’m thinking of that massive black hole in Interstellar. Similar!

I understand the frustration, but for me the key will be next year’s class. If CCM can get Grant Gunnell and Treylon Burks, along with other skill players, then I will be excited about the future.

One of the comments as I remember after CCM was hired was that someone said that he would get an “insane” amount of talent out of Texas. I thought that was over the top, but I don’t think it’s fair to criticize their efforts to this point.

Failure to sign a very notable class next year would be very problematic. And that would not equate to a finish in the bottom 2-3 in the SEC in the recruiting wars.


It’s not always apples to apples.

Bret dug us a nice sized hole, and it will be hard to climb out of.

Give it time.

[/quote]. I disagree. overall Bielema recruited pretty well while at Arkansas. We should give Morris a couple of classes to fairly evaluate his recruiting chops & whether his “Texas ties” are enough to return our football program to prominence


He may have had decent ratings.

But the proof is in the pudding.

Either missed on a lot, or did a terrible job at player development.

I just want to see how he uses what he gets.



When you have thirteen linebackers on the roster and your two top backups are walkons it tells me you either did not recruit well or you can’t develop players worth a lick.

11-29 = proof in the awful tasting pudding.

OL was the glaring problem to me. Something he was touted highly for. It was honestly for the last two years, the worst OL I’ve ever seen in Razorback red.

I won’t even get started on the Defense.

But yeah it was in the pudding, and this was like some Brussel sprout flavored pudding.