Tyree Appleby

said he will OV to Florida this weekend. Nothing new on Arkansas just yet.

Bio:http://www.csuvikings.com/sports/m-bask … eer&pos=sh

Senor RD, do you believe it is an either or with Mr. Horton hears a Hoo and Mr. Appleby or do you think we could take them both if we can get them both?

Whats your take on our chances with Mr. Horton hears a hoo? Coin flip?

Not RD but I was over on campus yesterday talking to some folks and it does indeed sound like a coin flip.

Arkansas also seem to have a better shot at Kerry Blackshear than I thought, but it didn’t work out in the end.

It also does appear to be an either/or situation.

With Notae, Harris and Sills already here and Horton lurking, why would Applebee come here? In fact, why would Horton be here?

Sounds like we are out. Dang. Something weird happened there. Hope this means we got Horton.

Seems weird that we are bringing in (or trying to bring in) so many guards. Seems like we need some size not a 5th guard. I’m sure there is a plan but it just seems like we are overloading at guard and lacking any size.

Not expecting Arkansas to go forward with Appleby.

not expecting Horton to end up here.

I think that scholarship may now be headed toward 2020

Twitter says Horton is choosing Pitt

Horton said Horton chose Pitt

Horton heard a Hoo…and it was blue and gold. :x

This thing started off pretty hot and really ended with a thud. Still better than we are use to though.