Tyree Appleby tonight

Has 26 points, 11 dimes, a steal and 6 boards against North Carolina. And 1 turnover. He’s the only ACC player to get 20 points, 5 boards and 10 dimes in a game. Wake is up 11 with a bit over a minute to go.

We got Devo out of Jacksonville, but looks like there was another guy on that Titans team that could seriously ball. Wonder if Appleby considered coming back home when he got in the portal at Florida?

Great player, but does not physically look like a Muss Guard. Of course Chris Lykes didn’t either, and he was a key piece in our Great 8 run last year.

Tyree is my wife’s cousin. He burned a bridge with Muss when he took the visit to Florida.

Tyree has come a long way since high school. His brother, Raheem, was a great player at Jacksonville and at La Tech. Tyree has become a great player at Wake Forest, I’m very proud of him.


He sure was ballin last night.

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I think he wound up with 34; he spent most of the last minute making free throws.

That makes sense.

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