Typical Louisville.....

No class. They are beating Vandy 2-1 in the bottom of. 8th. The Louisville pitcher h thrown a 3 hit 10K game. After striking out the Vandy dude to end the inning in the top of the 9th, the Louisville pitcher (Smith) stopped and told the Vandy batter 3 times F - You. No class. Period.

Hope they knock this guy out.

They knocked him out with a double that tied the game. The ump had to get the Vandy bench back twice because they were all over Smith after his stupid F - You outburst. The ump should have tossed him in the 8th.

Tied 2-2 with 1 out and a Vandy man on 2nd. Top of 9th.

Smith hammed it up leaving the mound. Idiot.

I’ve been sort of watching it on mute. He’s quite a jerk.

Smith from Louisville got what he deserved.

Vandy wins.

Louisville Coach must be proud huh.
Ace pitcher showing his a… on the big stage.

The camera was close up on Smith’s face when he was dropping the F bombs. There is no doubt what he was saying.

This is kind of interesting to me because we were driving last night and listening to the game on XM. On the radio broadcast there was no mention of what he said, which isn’t surprising - the radio guys aren’t looking at the TVs, and even if they were, you can’t repeat what he said. I was kind of disappointed Louisville lost because I wanted to see those teams play again tonight. I didn’t know what he said until I read this thread and saw the video on Twitter this morning. It’s interesting the different perspectives radio and TV can provide.

The UL pitcher’s behavior was inexcusable, but does anyone know if the batter did anything to provoke that? Hard to imagine he just did that without any provocation whatsoever.

I would think it had gotten chippy both ways. But ole Luke sure did not use good judgment.

I watched the last 3 innings of the game and don’t remember the Vandy batter saying or doing anything to provoke the Louisville pitcher. I don’t know what happened earlier and Louisville hates Vandy anyways

I read newspaper articles from Nashville and Louisville and of course their take on it was polar opposites. But the Louisville fans who commented on the Louisville newspaper article held no punches blaming their pitcher for motivating Vandy

The pitcher would also do this “go sit down” gesture with his hand each time he struck out a player. Pretty amazed he didn’t get his butt kicked.

Well I’ve never been a fan of Vandy’s antics either

They chant and yell like a girls softball team

It’s college baseball. Not MLB. The emotions at the college level are totally different than MLB.

I don’t really care for the celebrating that Ole Miss did after home runs. But I have to remind myself that last year Arkansas brought out a Hog Hat for home runs. Again, it’s college baseball.

I get it that they do a lot more in girls softball, but celebration and taunts are there in college baseball where they are not in MLB. Can’t compare the two. College is not pro.

I am not approving of what the pitcher did. But I also understand that if you are going to jump over the rail on about every score (as Vandy does) then there is going to be some stuff coming back at you when they get you out. Can’t have one without the other. The Louisville pitcher went way too far, but a little taunting from his end could be expected with how Vandy acts.

Kumar Rocker celebrates strike outs. I think that’s OK. I think a little celebrating in college baseball should be tolerated. That’s not the way everyone does it. Dave Van Horn isn’t going to put up with much. But he did allow the Hog Hat celebrations last year and it surprised me a little.

That’s true Clay, but I thought that the Hog Hat ritual was much more restrained than the Ole Miss hoopla.

I think so, too. I admit my hog bias, but I thought the hog hat ritual was appropriate celebration. The Ole Miss standing dogpile after every HR is annoying. (Well, maybe its more than hog bias. It’s easy for OM to annoy me.)

All baseball rituals outside of what DVH allows are hogwash… these players are getting $30 to $40 a month toward their education and should act like a professional.