Tyler Wilson

Tyler Wilson perhaps taking a position on coaching. Or at least how to execute and win football games.

Pretty strong video. Great memories. Tyler could play the QB position.

I played golf with Tyler about a year or so ago and I kind of half expected him to pile on Petrino. But, Tyler basically said that if he had a son who played QB, he want him to play for BP. I asked him about the butt chewings and his answer was, “well, most of the time I deserved one…”

Coach Petrino is one of those hard-assed guys that you probably don’t appreciate until several years later when you look back and remember how he made you become more than you ever thought you could be. He was the ultimate quarterback coach. He would make you tough and good. He certainly did that for Tyler. I do remember cringing when I watched him chew Tyler a new one. It was brutal, but Tyler would take it and go back in and play well.

We watched a Bryant game together a few years ago and we laughed about some of Bobby’s sayings or I should say favorite curse words.