Tyler Wilson has unique view on... (story)

what Arkansas current players and recruits are going through since he went through similar situations with the Houston Nutt/Bobby Petrino transition and then the Petrino/John L. Smith one.

I will also have a story from him in the next day or twi on what type of characteristics he thinks the next hire needs to have. He has some very strong opinions on that.

Great job Dudley! I very much enjoyed this.I

Great article Dudley.
I do recall Wilson calling out the players (not by name) when they started giving up on JLS and just going through the motions.

Tyler will always be one of my fav Razorbacks.

Agreed, is he still on a morning radio show? I remember him being on one but can’t remember which one.

He was as tough as a QB could be.The Alabama game in 2011 earned him respect for hanging in the pocket while the Tide swarmed him. He was first team all SEC QB that year and certainly deserved that honor.