Tyler Herro

I am still not over Tyler robbing our mostly freshman team off a road win at Lexington in the 2018-19 season, but what a game by the 20 year old last night. He showed the entire package of a prototype SG.

Is he on the verge of producing Jamal Murray like performances?

Needs to be punched in the face. :smiley:

I haven’t said a word about my Heat because were a year early. Even if we get past the Celtics, I doubt we can contain both Lebron & Unibrow…

Dusty Hannahs could do everything Herro has done if he had been given a chance. I know the Kentucky (spit) players are dominating these playoffs, but you can not tell me that they don’t get preferential advantages from draft night on. Its up to Muss to change the narrative. We used to be a blue blood in basketball, and we can be again. Go Hogs!

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I know as a Heat fan, you are downplaying it just in case. But I think Heat will be a tough matchup in the backcourt for my Lakers. As a Laker fan, I dread what Butler, Dragic, Robinson and Herro can do collectively.

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So now they are YOUR Lakers, PJ, lol? I find it funny how much we butt heads on this forum, but yet we still root for the same teams.

Lol incredible

Lakers have been my team for a number of years now. I was a Knicks fan, but gave up on them and still can’t root for them even after Portis joined them.

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