Ty'kiest Crawford is ending up at

Kilgore, Texas, JC

Maybe not ending up at. An intermediate stop?

He’ll need to go there 2 years if he doesn’t have the grades/ACT to get into a 4-year school.

I’m sure Sam knows if he needs to keep in touch over the next couple of years, you know, drop a birthday or Christmas card in the mail or a call if appropriate. He seems to work personal relationship magic with encouragement and genuine connections.

I like the kid and hope he will join us in the future,has a lot of potential.

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Well they do have the Rangerettes, so I don’t know how much of a hurry The Beast will be in to leave there.

Crawford is the first D-1 recruit, in Scott Surratt’s 13 years at Carthage, who won’t qualify.

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