Ty'Kieast Crawford interview

The young man has some personality to go along with his size…


Sharp young man! Like him a lot. Thanks for sharing.

I see why DD and Richard love interviewing Ty’Kieast he is a well spoken young man. Glad to have him in our family.

Love this big guy! Easy to root for him.

Seems like a really good guy. Certainly wish him great success. Easy to root for a guy like that. “I’m going to outwork everybody”. He should fit right in with Sam.

Watched him play in high school. Great size and quick on his feet. Looks like a SEC lineman…

I wanted to hear his ACTUAL Ht./Wt. Heard somewhere he was claiming to be 6’8", 345…got my doubts about that height.

I’ve heard/read 6’ 6" or 7" and 330 lbs. However you slice it, that is a big human being.

Just happy he is a Hog.

I’ll take 6’6 330lbs all day errrr day for those OL!!!

I am sure Sam smiles when he sees him

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