Ty'kieast Crawford decommits

What would constitute sky falling to you?

Nothing on your level.

14 game SEC losing streak

Last in SEC West last two seasons and likely this season

Worst loss since the Citadel

Two decommits since SJSU and more coming

Two players quit today.

Richard, if this does meet your standard for the sky falling all I can say is you are a lenient grader.

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Thanks for the reply, your post is probably the sentiment of many fans at this point. CCM may have the toughest job in football as far as turning a program around, my hopes are that he finds a way to get it done and he coaches here for 20 years. WPS

You have a crystal ball tells you no.

I don’t have a crystal ball. Morris has been here a year and a half. The record isn’t impressive, but he has the ability to recruit. That’s how you get out of the situation, BUT you must win too.

Understand why some fans have no confidence, but like I posted in football forum, would Mack Brown has seen year three at NC? No doubt he was under a lot of pressure back then, but ended up winning a NC.

Being compared with North Carolina in basketball is good. Being compared with North Carolina in football sucks.

Huge difference: https://www.sports-reference.com/cfb/schools/north-carolina/index.html