Tying run on second

A few inches from a tying dinger. Up to Koch to get him home.

Koch swing looks horrible…too far from the plate to ever hit the CB especially when you are a pull hitter.

We had some uncharacteristically poor ABs in the 6th. That swubf things.

Gates also hit one of the screws in the 9th with 2nd and 3rd and no outs. We needed that to get down.

But, poor ABs with RISP and bad errors on routine grounders cost us more than anything.

It’s frustrating, especially with their hitters acting like Kirk Gibson in tbe '89 World Series everytime they do something.

I hope we get another crack at them down the line.

yeah the Gators know they are very lucky!! Christmas came early…we score 4-5 runs most of the time with all those opportunites we were given,4-2 is a great start but man we better get our defense figured out and start to hit better with RISP or we are going to lose several games we shouldn’t