Ty was a warrior for his home state tonight

He will barely pass concussion protocols and did everything he could.

Take away the coaching dead ball penalties and players giving up easy points and we played a national title contender well at their place.

This is a 10-3 loss if not for special teams. Very, very proud of the improved effort tonight. Glad for Ty!

He played his heart out he has no chance behind this offensive line

Actually both lines were vastly improved tonight!

Cole Kelley has been a warrior too. Anybody taking snaps behind this O-line is a warrior. A wounded warrior.

I like him in the Steamboat Package, but they’ve got to give somebody else the ball on that play or everybody will come for him.

I don’t. For a 275lbs guy he sure does seem to get stood up at the line every time.

I hate the steamboat package b/c the whole defense knows what we are doing…now if he would fake it and throw off it maybe so but as it is behind this OL we will not make way more than we make it.

Word! Our OL is playing as matadors tonight. Poor Ty. Gonna be sore in the morning

I thought Ty played much better than I expected, as did the Oline. The oline didn’t crater as bad as I expected against a VERY good AU Dline. Ty stayed more composed than I expected. AU was taking cheap shots on him and he kept fighting.

I thought Storey played OK - not good, not bad. He has to be more accurate on his passes (13-for-31 tonight; 18-for-44 in his two starts) and protect the ball a little better. There were three or four passes tonight that could have been intercepted and weren’t.

He was not good on third downs - 3-for-12 with incompletions on his last six third-down attempts. The protection was progressively worse on third down as the game went along. I think there were four third downs after halftime in which he was sacked or had to tuck it and run.

I was impressed with his the ability he showed to get away from pressure. He has more running ability than I thought he had, which might open up the playbook some moving forward.

Ty is no Tom Brady. It’s hard to be accurate when you spend most of a game on your back.

He made some poor decisions.

But showed heart.

More than can say for special teams

Fans forget Ty has been on the sidelines behind AA and lost his confidence. AA got pummled by this Oline so CK started 3 or 4 games last year… but Ty played a few series at most last year. I have been told numerous times by those that have attended practice that Ty makes better decisions and is pretty accurate in practice. He was playing scared in the first 3 games but last night he seemed more determined than scared. He can become confident and composed with being the starter again this week. Let’s pray that Ty and the Oline can improve enough that we don’t throw Noland to the wolves over the next 2 games.

As one guy said, “both lines improved last night.” As were most people, I was proud of Ty Storey last night. If we can continue to improve, we might win some games. I think we are about to wear the “steamboat package” out. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that when Kelly comes into the game on short yardage, he is going to carry the ball. The defense will just stack the box. Now, if we had another play or two off that package???

It’s good to hear Ty excited and confident about the rest of the season. They got better but there’s still a long row to hoe.

Ty is going to allow us to start running the RPO consistently but he doesn’t have the wheels to open up all of the playbook or options. When we do pass, Ty is getting so much pressure that he can’t set his feet for accuracy. The WRs don’t fight through press coverage to get QUICK separation for Ty to get rid of the ball BEFORE the rush and blitzes get to him. I won’t even detail the Oline issues anymore. I would hate to be calling the plays for this offense, yet there is hope for continued improvement. Ty and Oline can show improvement quite soon with more snaps.

I hurt when I think what could have been, if we played like this the first 3 games. I thought this game would be like last year’s since Auburn buys very good players. We were much better on defense than I expected. I expected an epic meltdown on Offense because of No protection, no WR separation, weak QB play, no consistent run game yet somehow we started to show something to build upon.

This game was really much closer than I expected if you take away a long punt return, a fumble return deep in our territory, a blocked punt deep in our territory, an interception return and a kick return for a TD. We played against one of the best Defenses in the SEC and Nation. We also played against a dynamic Offense with very good talent.